arrecife de coral

Airbrusher painter and muralist.

I was born in Granada, the daughter of a Catalan mother and Russian father.

Since I can remember Ive loved painting and the arts. When I was 13 I made my first oil painting and by the age of 18 it was clear what my vocation was. I began my artistic education in Barcelona where I gained knowledge about different techniques of painting, sculpture and graphic arts.

In 1989 to 1993 I was managing my own gift company, designing and creating sculptures that were both aesthetic and functional e.g. lamps and clocks. At this stage I started using airbrush to color the sculptures and soon began using it on canvas, thus receiving my first orders for paintings.

In 1993 I moved to Tenerife. There I had the privilege to meet the Swedish artist Lena Larsson who pushed me to delve further into art and inspired me to travel the world.

In 1998 I made my first trip to India where I modeled small sculptures for the company "chakragemsart" and I made a fascinating and inspiring journey through India.

Back in Sitges (Barcelona) I continued my career as a painter, I painted murals in restaurants, shops, bars, nightclubs and private homes. During this time, I also continued canvas painting and had several exhibitions.

Being a lover of nature, wildlife and, above all, marine life, my personal work reflects that passion.

At this stage I began to experiment with fluorescent paint; I am fascinated about the idea that paint has its own light and glows in the dark, thus giving my work the ability to change completely depending on the light used.

The airbrush has always been my favourite medium as with this technique I can achieve very realistic results. It allows me to delve into details and transparencies and I find it essential in creating volume to the fluorescent paint.

During this time I also learnt the techniques of jewelry making and modeling with wax.

Although my base is in Sitges, I have continued to travel and work world wide. In 2001 I first traveled to Sri Lanka where, following my love of snorkeling, I practiced diving for the first time. This is now my greatest passion, and the underwater world has become my main source of inspiration.

Through my extensive experience I have the ability to transform a space into something completely different. I can create a new ambience from colors and light with any theme that suits the environment or suggested by the person who entrusts me with their space.

Today my work can be viewed in: Spain, Sri Lanka, Australia, India, Argentina, Germany, France, Brazil and England.